Human rights violation under the national security laws in asian
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    자료형태   A4제본
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    언어   영어
    저자   Korea NGO's network for the world conference on human
    하위분류   시민사회단체
    발행일   1993년 06월
National Security Laws in Asia : An Overview / K.S Venkateswaran
The National Security Law - The Symbol of Korean Human Rights Adversity / Park, Won-Soon
Natinal Security Lawa of Indonesia / H.J.C. Prinece
Human Rights and 송 Internal Security Act in Malaysia / Dr. mohd. Nasir Hashim
National Security Lawa and The Violations of Human Rights in Bangladesh / Mostafa Farooq / Adilur Rahman Khan
National Secury Laws and Human Rights-Sri Lankan Experience / Kayananda Tiranugama / Lakmali Cabral
Human Rights Violations under National Security Lawa in South Asia / Ravi Nair
National Security State ; Thailand Experiences / Boonthan T. Verawongse
Human Rights Violations under National Security Laws in Burma / Kyaw Thi Had / Myint Shwe
National Security of Peoples' Security? ; Suggestion for Human Rights and against National Security Laws / Yong Whan Cho

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